Research & Academic Projects

  • Analyzing clay pre-Columbian Mexican ear decorations for a class project
  • Analyzing pigments on a small Shipibo-Conibo pot from Peru
  • Analyzing pigments on Peruvian textiles in the Yale University Art Gallery
  • Sourcing a Mesoamerican obsidian artifact in the Peabody Museum
  • Analyzing Roman coins in the Yale University Art Gallery for a class project
  • Sourcing an obsidian amulet in the Yale Babylonian Collection of the Peabody Museum
  • Analyzing an Andean stirrup spout vessel in the Yale University Art Gallery
  • Measuring the phosphorous content of soil from a Minnesota archaeological site

YAXX is involved in teaching and research at all levels in the Department of Anthropology and Council for Archaeological Studies. Here are a few examples of how our students use portable XRF in class assignments, undergraduate projects, and graduate research.